The look and feel of your home has a significant impact on how well your home sells. Old styles, lack of lighting, and unorganized spaces are all turn-offs for potential buyers. Before selling, focus on making updates based on the newest trends of the year. These updates will impress potential buyers, and add value to your home. 


Closet Expansion 

 While only 4 percent of realtors suggest that sellers re-do their closet before selling, according to the impact report, it’s an easy way to please the buyer without spending a lot of money.  When planning, look for closet systems that can be customized after the buyer moves in. Features like moveable shelves and coat racks allow the potential buyer to see how they can make the space their own. 

Bathroom: Lighting to Storage 

Renovating your bathroom is a huge feat, and one that will pay in well when finished. Almost half of consumers, 49 percent, suggest their reason for redoing the bathroom is to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes and materials. If you aren’t financially or mentally prepared for a complete renovation, focus on the features that are on-trend right now. This includes updated lighting, modern counter surfaces and an elegant tub.

Hardwood Floor Refinish 

Hardwood floors drastically enhance the look of your home, adding a rich feel that’s hard to capture with carpet. If you already have hardwood floor, don’t replace it. Refinish it for that same "new" look and feel, for a lot less money. Not to mention, the estimated recovered value is 100 percent.