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3 important tips when designing for daylight

Designing for daylight is a complex process of balancing the use of available natural light with artificial light through the use of daylighting systems such as architectureeffective lighting solutions, and daylight/shading devices. When used properly, daylight modeling can inform design decisions, optimize solar exposure, and create well-lit interior spaces that occupants can enjoy throughout the life of the building. The following are tips to implement on your next project: USE INTEGRATE...

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Path to building schools of the future

A workshop at the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) which helps to promote teaching as an area of practice and help people who want to broaden their skillsets and participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The key points from the workshop are as follows:  — Flexible furniture that can accommodate various uses can also facilitate active learning, and teachers are open to moving away f...

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3 Interior Design Trends That Will Increase Your Home's Value

The look and feel of your home has a significant impact on how well your home sells. Old styles, lack of lighting, and unorganized spaces are all turn-offs for potential buyers. Before selling, focus on making updates based on the newest trends of the year. These updates will impress potential buyers, and add value to your home.    Closet Expansion   While only 4 percent of realtors suggest that sellers re-do their closet before selling, according t...

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Interior Designers Speak: 10 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Laura Britt, RID, ASID: "One of the most common design mistakes we see is with scale and proportion. This element of design applies to all aspects of a project, whether it is with scale and proportion of furnishings, kitchen details, or even accessories. Most people are afraid of going too big, but the old adage of 'bigger is better' sometimes does apply. Don’t be afraid to be bold!"   Gail Doby, ASID, Author of How to Design Your Perfect Interior: ...

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3 Reasons Why Safety Matters in Construction

 Responsible for 20 percent of work-related deaths in 2013, the construction industry is known to pose several risks for workers in the sector. It is typical for construction workers to perform their duties off-site or in remote and isolated locations. 1. Minimizing Response Times It is essential to acknowledge that the unexpected can and does occur. That is why construction companies must employ proper safety procedures to make sure that they can respond promptly if there is an emer...

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